Carrie's Challenge II

By Bryant Freeman

The challenge for me was to get time to do the tying of this fly for the Streamers Group. Just two weeks ago I received an order for 750 flies from a Salmon Lodge to be completed by June 1st. I finished the work on time, and then went on a trout fishing trip to the wilderness to get my head around the every day chores which were popping up. It is very trying when one spends all winter making flies at his leisure, then all hell breaks loose when the fishing season starts. Broken Rods, cracked lines, missing guides, and of course new purchases keep me busy for a month.

With this over on Friday, which was a nice sunny day, I decided to give er a go. I opted to hold the hook with my right hand because of an injury I incurred changing a reel from left hand wind to right hand wind, and the screwdriver slipped and went into my left index finger. Sugar (My Wife) a name from Sugar Babe fame in the Real McCoys TV Program in the 60's, did the bandaging job and made it a go for my tying to continue.

First I had to dye some Magenta Feathers then off to make the fly.

Here is the procedure and results of my Last attempt of tying without a vise.

The End